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Helpful Tips for your Instagram Stories

Trying to make your Instagram Story stand out from the crowd? Here are seven Instagram Story tips and resources to help you step up your game, impress your friends, and gain those coveted followers.

Ask Questions on Instagram Stories

Swipe up from the middle of the screen after you've captured your story image or video to access your library of icons, GIFs, emojis, and Story-specific modules for displaying details like your location, hashtags, or even a countdown. “Questions,” which generates a question box for your Instagram Story, is one of the choices.

Simply touch and drag the question or something else you've pulled up from the pop-up icon list to the trash can that appears at the bottom of your screen.

Add multiple photos on your Instagram Story

You don't need a fine art degree to spice up your Instagram Story; all you need is the right app. Third-party apps like Over and Canva solve a slew of design and layout issues while providing a library of customizable templates, many of which allow you to post multiple images to an Instagram Story.

Use Template Apps for Instagram Stories

There will be times where you’ll run out of ideas for your Instagram Stories, might as well use the following apps:

The Tezza App is filled with retro film effects. You can instantly make a video shot that looks like it came straight out of the 1970s with just a few clicks.

If you’re looking for a more active story to post, I recommend you use Mojo. It has text animations, moving images, swipe-up models, and a slew of other features that are all accessible.

Create a text shadow in Instagram Story

By layering text in two colors, you can add dimension and depth to your text. You simply duplicate the text and layer it on top of itself in a slightly different location.

Don't go overboard with your Story

People just have so much time and patience, and they are unlikely to want to watch 30 new 15-second videos. As a general rule, don't post more than 4 or 5 stories at a time. After a few hours, post the rest of your stories. Nobody likes a lot of dashes at the end, and if they do, they'll click through your stories quicker, which will hurt your conversion.

Attract attention to your latest Instagram post.

Notify your followers that you've uploaded a new picture. Share the picture with your followers on Instagram Stories, but don't show them the whole image.

Give them a glimpse to pique their interest in seeing the whole picture. Text, icons, or an icon may be used to cover the photo.

Highlight your best Instagram stories

Your stories are a source of pride and inspiration for others. Why do they vanish after 24 hours? Every day, new users will come to your profile, and getting your best stories sticky at the top is the ideal advertising.


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