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Here Are Some Reasons You Should Be Using Canva to Make your Social Media Content

Have you ever come across another company's social media feed and wondered how they manage to produce such visually appealing content for their brand?

You immediately assume they're using Photoshop or some other high-end modeling program to make their posts... Who knows, they might be. However, did you know that there are less expensive and simpler ways to produce visual content? Yes, you read that correctly. One of them is Canva.

It is an online editing platform that is free to use and allows you to create fun, on-brand media for your company.

Isn't it incredible?!

Here’s why you should start using Canva for your business:

As I have said, it’s FREE

You can use Canva for free, and it's not for a "limited time" period. In no time, you'll be able to make, download, and share visually appealing content for free. Isn't that wonderful?

Canva offers a huge selection of free images, graphics, diagrams, icons, text options, models, and background designs.

With that said, there is a limit on what is available for free. You'll have access to a few features in the free edition, but upgrading to CanvaPro for about $6 a month will give you access to even more features to spice up your content.

There are a lot of cool features.

Image Library

In Canva's free edition, you'll have access to an image library of over 200,000 images to choose from. CanvaPro, on the other hand, increases the number from 200,000+ to over 60 million photographs, diagrams, and icons.

Do you have a picture or video that you'd like to share? It's no problem. Canva makes it simple to upload a picture, logo, or video directly into the program.

Fonts Galore

You'll have a variety of fonts to choose from if you want to add words to your image. When selecting a font, make sure it correctly reflects your brand and avoid using more than two font types in a single graphic. Using several fonts in a single graphic makes the image appear unprofessional and disorganized.

Awesome Templates

Templates are perfect to use if you still don't have the design skills to make a graphic from scratch or if you're short on time. You can quickly create professional-looking content in minutes with an abundance of professional templates to choose from!

If you're not comfortable with using pre-made models, you can always start with (literally) a blank canvas and create your artwork from there.

Animations & GIFs

Do you want to bring your graphic to life by making it move? It's easy! You can paste digital stickers to your graphic to make it shift like a gif in the free edition.

Freely Move Elements

Canva has a function that helps you align elements faster by automatically snapping them to the invisible gridlines. While it can be useful at times, there are times when you'd rather not have it. This little trick will come in handy in those situations.

Simply hold the SHIFT key and drag the design element around with your mouse to freely transfer elements on your Canva website. This stops Canva from automatically aligning your image, allowing you to move objects in small increments.


On social media, visual content is crucial for brand success. Data shows that posts with high-quality, visually pleasing photos get more interaction than posts with only text.

It's perfect for quickly putting together graphics, as long as you don't mind sharing templates with thousands of other users.


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