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Starting Instagram Marketing

As more businesses rely on social media to expand their reach and audience, having a strategy is critical. Social media marketing can be very beneficial for your business in a way that billboards, pamphlets, television ads, etc. cannot. People spend most of their time on their phones.

Instagram sees 500 million daily active users that spends an average of 53 minutes per day. You’d better have a good excuse if your brand isn’t on Instagram. The social media platform is too popular to ignore.

As you can see, Instagram has been an integral part of our daily lives. It’s also important for many companies. Yours may be one of them.

To get you started here are the simplest Instagram marketing tips to grow your brand awareness and generate a new audience.

Uniquely demonstrate your services.

Focus more on the solutions you provide. Never underestimate the importance of visual content as an asset on this platform. Concentrate on highlighting the method of delivering the service if the brand is service-oriented. Showcase your vision and share some tips and tricks.

Try Instagram Stories and IGTV

Stories make it easy to experiment with different types of content like videos, photos, stickers, or even live videos. Aside from that you can also add hashtags and mention other accounts for collaborators and influencer marketing.

IGTV can be very useful to showcase your creativity from 60 seconds to an hour. You’ll get more engagement using these features because users can leave comments and will be visible to others.

First Impression Matter

When an Instagram user clicks on your profile, what’s the first thing they see? Yes, they see your profile information. You don’t have to include all of your brand descriptions there, just focus on the latest offer or your brand’s incoming event. Make sure to update your bio regularly.

Be very creative with the layout of your profile so it catches the attention of an audience.

Expand your Reach

#hashtags and @mentions can be very helpful with reaching a new audience. Your hashtags can be specific or general, just make sure they are relevant to your campaign. It’s best practice to use three to five even though you can add up to 30 hashtags. Include popular hashtags to increase visibility.

Take into account that not everyone is monitoring hashtags, so tagging a user is also another choice if you want to get noticed.

Regularly post content

Make your profile active by posting on a regular basis. You want your brand to be always in the feed of your followers but be mindful as you don’t want to flood their timelines. Study the perfect time to post as well, timing is crucial. Top brands usually post their content during office hours.

Avoid too many promotional posts and give your followers something that can be educational like tips and tricks. You also need to stay away from controversial topics like religion and politics.

Respond to comments and messages

This can be time-consuming but it will add a human element and personal feel to your brand. People appreciate being noticed. Do not ignore complaints, it’s better to respond to these comments as fast as possible to come up with a resolution.



The internet provides many ways to communicate with followers and convert them into customers. When they're inside your profile, you should go above and beyond to win them over and turn them into regulars.

You can't rely solely on website traffic. Make use of other forms of distribution as well. Consumers' buying choices are influenced by social media.


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