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Using Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

The way brands advertise themselves online is changing thanks to social media. In reality, it's safe to say that social media has already had a significant impact.

New platforms have appeared, and they are continuing to change the way we interact. These developments have an effect on how brands communicate their message and how their fans respond to it.

Here’s some points to consider when selecting the right marketing tool:


No matter what industry you work in, creating photos and content is relatively easy. You don't need a large in-house design team or to hire an agency to create content; instead, use a content development tool!

You can use Canva, Lucidpress, Creatopy, Crello, Piktochart, Prezi, Bannerwise, etc. There’s many friendly-user design platforms out there, just find something that you are comfortable with.


Scheduling tools provide a full picture of the content you're sharing. It will allow you to see whether you're posting too much identical content back to back, as well as ensure that your posts are varied. Your fans expect a wide range of content from your accounts.

You can plan all your posts in advance, and track consistency with their calendar view. There are various schedulers like Hopper Hq which specializes in Instagram scheduling, there’s Hubspot, Hootsuite, Buffer, Zoho Social, Facebook Pages Manager which is obviously for Facebook. There’s also TweetDeck out there for Twitter.


You may also use analytics software to figure out where your competitors are outranking you in search engine results. You can promote your new content and watch how your rating changes by using your social media platforms. Furthermore, this information will aid in the development of a case for your social media success and growth.

Analytics may be built into one of the tools you’re already using. If not, you can consider using Buzzsumo.

Social Media Advertising

You can use social media ads to broaden your brand's scope. You will meet potential clients and seek to turn them into paying customers by marketing content to those that aren't still following you. Make sure your ads are convincing enough to attract visitors to your site and result in a sale. Mailchimp and Hubspot are examples of tools that allow you to build, buy, and analyze ads all in one place.

URL Shortener

A URL shortener is required when promoting content from your website on social media pages, despite how easy it can seem.

Long URLs will eat up space in your posts that could be used for descriptive terms. Platforms like Twitter limit the number of characters you can use, and a viewer seeing your entire URL isn't always worth it.

Bitly, for example, can shorten your links, allow you to build custom branded URLs, and even monitor metrics like link clicks via their site. There are also similar tools like Rebrandly, TinyURL, BL.INK, GoLinks, etc.


You can use messenger chatbots using a chatbot creator like MobileMonkey that will not only connect with your customers, but will also assist you in sending relevant information about your company, such as promotional content or a newly published blog post.


Intelligent messenger chatbots like Mobile Monkey will help you nurture your Facebook leads.

Developing a social media strategy can be a difficult challenge! These social media marketing tools automate each phase of the process with the aid of software and will help you refine your profiles for maximum gain.

When it comes to your social media marketing plan, work smarter, not harder, and use these resources to grow and streamline your operation!


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