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What does it take for a video to go viral?

Updated: May 10, 2021

Controversial videos, funny pet fails, social media challenges, etc. These are just a few particular trends of viral videos.

Putting together something so unique and interesting can be very difficult to execute, but successfully creating one can be a big deal for your business. Placing your brand in front of millions of people will result in long-term brand awareness.

It might just be luck in some situations, but to be honest, you have to put forth your best effort to make something unique in order to get people to click the sharing button.

Here are some elements that can help your videos go viral.


Users enjoy sharing humorous stuff. You must capture their attention almost immediately. To get people to click on your video, use humor, a question, or mystery.

We're talking about enhancing the creativity of your thumbnails and headlines. Choose a shot that captures the message of your video. Make sure there's enough to pique people's interest and your headlines inviting.

Tell a Story

People must be able to relate to it, and it must be able to establish a reputation for providing value. Make certain your videos aren't commercial in nature. Don't make it obvious if you want it to be; just be subtle.

To promote a sense of awareness, use real-life scenarios. Your videos must be genuine and not appear staged or excessively constructed.

Short and Sweet

The majority of people do not have the patience to sit and watch a long video. We all know that people's attention spans are short, and your video will be up against almost everything else on the internet for views. Cut any components of your video that don't serve a particular function.

The New York Times estimates that you have about 60 seconds to say your story. When it comes to material, remember to cut the rubbish and keep the video brief enough to keep viewers' attention.

Make them feel it

Regardless of form, the best stories evoke powerful emotions. Emotional advertisements often stick with us for a longer period of time. The trick is to select the appropriate emotion for your business. When a negative emotion is elicited, you must ensure that your brand will overcome that negativity in some way.


When you build your brand video, concentrate on the aspects you can influence, and include the elements above to broaden the scope of your content. It's a magical concoction of elements that tickle the right nerve. It's all about touching the hearts of millions of people.

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